Saturday, 22 July 2017

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Mountain report by Russ Crooks

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Monday, 5 September 2016

Stunning Helvellyn

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Pics from Helvellyn

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Tryfan & Glyder Fach

Good evening,

Well today has had to have been our toughest days climbing so far.  With the plan of doing Tryfan at 917m (3010') we also scaled Glyder Fach at 994m.

The good news for us and the reason we did two of the most popular major peaks of Snowdonia in one day was the fact that they were next door neighbours, but this not make it any easier.

Our accent up Tryfan was tough going up the miners path, and then once we got the main climb up the east face leading onto the southern face it was a good old scramble to the top.


After climbing Tryfan we decided to just go for it and climb Glyder Fach which was opposite.  We did have to decend about 150m and then climb back up 150m back to start the 250m climb back up to Glyder Fach's peak which stood at 994m (6th highest peak in Wales)

The views as you can see have been amazing for us all week and to get the weather we have had (albeit the odd bit of a 5 min shower) has made this weeks walk truely memorable and certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys their walking / climbing.

If you do like the dare devil scrambling, then Bristly Ridge just before Tryfan is a definite, but must be approached from the North as going from the South is downhill and if you fall..........there is not much to stop you.

We however did NOT choose this route and walked round underneath it, and even from our point of view it looked immense and intimidating.  Not one for the faint hearted.

Bristly Ridge - From the East

On top of Glider Fach

Bristly Ridge - From the south face of Tryfan

We hope you have enjoyed the blog this week, and we will post once we have returned back home tomorrow as we still plan to do a 4 hour walk on our last day.

All the best


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Cnicht - The Matterhorn of Wales

Good evening all,

We again have been very lucky with the weather, and where we were climbing today,  as Russ put it sounded like something out of a Monty Python sketch.......

As ever with our climbs this week the views were just incredible and the landscape constantly changed with the moving clouds and sunlight, which made for some brilliant photo opportunites (you always get brilliant photo opportunities in Snowdonia)

A saying has stuck with me and will do for the rest of my life......."If you don't climb the Mountain, you won't get to see the view."  And that is an absolute definite around Snowdonia.

Our walk started off with a mile or so of road walking, and then we hit the fields that took us up to the  summit of say they were slightly damp would be an understatement!  Swampy, boggy, marshy, take your pick it was anyone of the aforementioned descriptions of wetland.  Anyhow despite this we carried on up and through some majestic scenery with lakes popping out of nowhere each time you turned a different corner.........stunning!

Our final stage to the summit was a bit hairy, but not quite has bad as the ridge was crossed a couple of days ago......the drop to the immediate left of us was only 1700' but it was only on one side.

Once passed the ridge our route to the top was fairly easy with a small bit of scrambling left to do.  Once at the top the views were that nice we decided to sit down on the cliff edge for a bite to eat as the views overlooked Cardigan Bay (at this point we were 2300' up)

Once we finished lunch we headed back down the same route, and the further we got the nicer the weather was getting and we had great weather on the way up!

Our decent was a little quicker despite the boggy and very slippy rocks, so a good 6 hour day was had  by all.

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Many thanks


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Beautiful afternoon walk

Good evening,

We kept to the plan of going into Caernarfon late morning, and then do a low level walk from Beddgelert in the afternoon.

Our visit to Caernarfon was brief, but well worth it and to see the impressive castle was terrific.  Caernarfon is a very picturesque town with plenty of character, history and charm.

We then headed for Beddgelert for our afternoon walk, and even though it was only around 5 miles it was an absolutely beautiful walk with some glorious backdrops and wonderful moments which you don't see everyday.

More from us tomorrow as we challenge Cnicht (Knight)



Good morning all.

A gentler day today. The plan is to head into Caernarfon and have an amble round the town and then if the weather is ok we will do about a 5 mile low level walk round Beddgelert.