Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bring me sunshine.....

Hi guys,  apologies for the late blog. It was as Russ said probably the worst rain we have ever encountered.  The river was torrent and at some areas had burst it's banks to a point we actually couldn't walk the path and had to divert our way through other fields,  over railway lines and down a road that just went on forever, especially when you're getting soaked by inconsiderate drivers.  The walk itself was still a good walk and it was just a shame that it wasn't like our previous days weather.

I'd also like to reiterate what Russ has said...a massive thank you to the three men on a walk team and the fantastic company they are to be with.  Russ,  Richard,  Tim,  Simon,  Paul and Stu it has been a great week this week and tremendous fun,  thank you,  and thank you for Simon and Stu for your huge support with carrying all the heavy gear.

I'm afraid I only got a couple of photos as every time I tired to take one it was too wet and the rain drops on the touch screen were acting like hundreds of fingers lol.


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Great Weather.......for Ducks!

So that's it, we're done. And how fitting that the walk finished as it started, in torrential rain-although today's rain was really quite extraordinary, I have to think back to childhood in Wales to remember such heavy and sustained rain. To say we were knee deep in water is no exaggeration, we really were and often. Everything we were stood in was literally dripping wet. I really feel for the folks who live along that river, flooded homes are inevitable in such conditions although I have absolutely no regard whatsoever for the thoughtless (and probably malicious) drivers who drenched us by driving at speed through standing water-I'm sure they found it hilarious, we didn't.

So another terrific experience and adventure for the threemenonawalk team. Thanks to my fellow walkers and congratulations for completing the Cumbria Way (Jacko, Tim, Richard and Andrew-they really are excellent company and we have a lot of fun during our hikes) and to Simon and Stuart for their company and support-for carrying my heavy gear in the car and for charging my iPod. 

Here's some of today's pics. 




Friday, 17 May 2013

A few more pics

Keswick to Caldbeck and 2157' up

What a glorious morning it was to wake up to.  The sun was shining,  the water was still and only a scattering of clouds in the sky, it really was a picture perfect scene.  We set off just after 9am and headed towards the base of Skiddaw which was really flexing it's muscles as the sun glistened off it giving it a wonderful array of colours at the peak.

The first part of the walk took us out the other side of Keswick and we were immediately into a climb that took us up to the path for Skiddaw. Yet again we were fortunate enough to be blessed with forever changing scenery and a quite stunning view of Derwent water when we reached about 350 metres (ish) I can't remember the exact height but I do know it was scarily high as the uneven path had an immediate drop down to the river with no fence.....You can imagine or reaction when we saw it :-)

The walk continued along the river and through the winding valley until we reached a youth hostel called Skiddaw House.  We then took the official eastern route to the highest climb all week called High Pike (2157') which descended slightly until we reached a super little spot by a bridge with the river cascading down the hill where we stopped for lunch.

After lunch we carried on up the crag which was quite tough on the feet as it was fairly uneven with quite severe cambers.   This took us to the base of high Pike and wow it was steep, but the views when you got to the top were remarkable.  Along the way we bumped into a gentlemen from San Diego who happened to stumble across the Cumbria way in error,  but found it so good that he wanted more of it.

The final bit of the walk was a steady decent back down towards Caldbeck and what a lovely village it is. Once again enjoy the photos and keep posted for tomorrows final blog for this year :-(

Even A Mountain Goat Would Have Struggled!

Only a short post from me tonight because I'm absolutely knackered! Today's 15 mile walk was spectacular and saw us climb to the highest point of the Cumbria Way-2157 feet-providing a fantastic panorama which included a clear view of some Scottish mountains. It was a steep climb, hands and knees at one point, not helped by the fact that Jacko got us lost and we climbed a track that a goat would have baulked at! But, as the cliche goes, it was worth it in the end! We were blessed with yet another sunny, dry day, although the farmer where we camp tonight says we're due an inch and a half of rain tomorrow morning. Deep joy! Here are some photos of the day's hike.